Ready To Create Social Media Content That Books You Clients + Brings In Revenue?

And create it in record time - we're talking an entire month of content in just 1 day!



A workshop series and marketing calendar bundle that helps you plan and create revenue-generating social media content in record time!

It’s 2021, and we all know the importance of creating content and posting to social media to market our business. But let me ask you a question…

Are your social media efforts turning your fans and followers into paying clients or are you just collecting likes?

Because as much as we wish they could, those “likes” don’t pay the bills.

Your Social Media Should Be Consistently Booking You Clients

When you're running your own business you don't have the time to waste on things that aren't moving the needle and generating consistent income.

Could Any Of These Be Preventing You From Getting The Results You Should Be Getting On Social Media?

Are you following, creating content for, and engaging with the right people?

*Hint* other makeup artists aren’t the people looking to book your services.

Do you have a posting strategy, or do you spend way more time than you should trying to figure out what to post for the day?

Who’s got time for that?

Are you using outdated strategies that don’t work anymore?

This means you’re not getting the results you should be.

Are you just copying what everyone else is doing - the pretty posts, the one-line captions and the giveaways?

It seems to work for them? Or is it?

Are you unsure of what to post, so you just post an image of your work and now your feed looks like every other mua's feed?

How are you supposed to stand out in a sea of competition?

Do you post consistently? Or maybe you've given up and don’t even post at all!

It’s not booking you clients, so what’s the point?

Or maybe you are overwhelmed with everything else running your business requires and you don't feel like you have the time to create the social media content you need?


don't throw in the towel just yet

There Is A Better Way...

Trust me, I understand your frustration because I've been in your shoes.

Hey, I’m Christen by the way!

I'm one of the creators of this bundle, and I was a small-town makeup artist who struggled to market myself and book clients consistently from social media too. 

I was posting and doing the same things that seemed to bring others success, but it just wasn’t working.

I felt so defeated. I was ready to throw in the towel on my whole business and "get a real job".

But I refused to give up! Instead, I spent the next 2 years learning everything I could about marketing and putting it into practice.

Online courses, books, blogs, podcasts and not to mention the countless hours I spent on google.

I started testing out all the things I was learning and I took all of the methods that worked, threw out the ones that didn’t, then turned it into a quick, easy, repeatable process.

It worked so well that I started helping other business owners!

I fell in love with marketing so much that now I run an agency helping makeup artists and beauty brands earn more revenue with their social media...










Case Study

Meet Julia! Within 3 weeks of implementing this exact system on her social media account, the traffic to her website tripled resulting in almost triple the amount of revenue too! And to top it off, her engagement rate is between 16%-20% (a good engagement rate is between 1%-3%)!

What If You Had An Easy, Repeatable Process For Your Social Media

(a process that's not just theory - it's been tested and proven to work with real social media accounts just like yours)

A Process That Would Help You...

Book More Clients

And generate more income for your business - because that's what you want your social media to do, right?

Increase Engagement

So that your content can get seen by more people!

Know Exactly What To Post

To attract your dream clients and have them lining up to work with you!

Save Time

Allowing you to focus on other things you've been wanting to do.



A workshop series and marketing calendar bundle that helps you plan and create revenue-generating social media content in record time!

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